Who we are

At CareOnline, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in healthcare.  We believe there is a better way to connect, communicate and collaborate across the care continuum and ultimately achieve overall wellbeing of the society.


Healthcare landscape in its current state is a chaotic place to be for providers, care givers as well as the individuals. Providers do not have a 360-degree view have no visibility into other conditions or treatments gained from other providers or has little visibility in the post-acute care setting to take a Holistic approach. Care givers do not have access to all required data across teams to best understand the patient they are providing care to on the ground. Patients do not have a central place to go to connect and collaborate for the various treatments they are undergoing and to track outcomes. Agencies providing post-acute care do not have a single platform solution across the care continuum.


Data sharing across the care continuum is the least understood and the least transparent aspect of healthcare. We feel that it’s time to change and obsessively passionate in our mission to transform the industry by building a platform for healthcare providers, care givers and individuals to easily connect, communicate and collaborate to make informed decisions and ultimately improve the overall wellbeing of the society.


Management Team

CareOnline ‘s management team has decades of experience in Information Technology cutting across diverse industries including Healthcare and bring with them a proven history of innovation and success to the company. Our team, being technology savvy and innovative, want to help transform the way how health information is shared and consumed across health care settings and individuals using the latest technologies and tools thereby contributing to the overall wellbeing of the society.


To make the world healthy. We want to transform the way how healthcare providers, care givers and communities connect, communicate and collaborate to build a healthy society.


Everyone at CareOnline lives and breathes by these 5 pillars of excellence which shapes the culture and defines the character of our company

  •  Integrity -We will be truthful, fair, and open in all our relationships.
  •  Respect – We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity.
  •  Passion – We are passionate in the pursuit of our mission and celebrate our successes and show enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do.
  •  Innovation – We embrace and drive change. We seek to be different, unconventional and even revolutionary in our approach to building and delivering solutions.
  •  Product Excellence – We focus and strive to deliver the best solution possible to meet and exceed our customer expectations.


Our goal is to help people manage their health effectively while we safely and securely handle their highly regulated healthcare data.

To do this, we focus on five areas of expertise and ensure that our product and service offerings surpass other industry offerings.

  •  Usability
  •  Performance
  •  Security
  •  Compliance
  •  Customer Service

All the above make CareOnline a premier Health IT Company in our region.

We are glad you are part our organization and we look forward to work as a team towards excellence.