Manage your appointments, access care plans, communicate with care team, share access to family and much more.


CareOnline’s personal health platform on the cloud is a fully integrated HIPAA compliant solution for managing personal health information. The platform enables and empowers users manage key aspects of their health with its built-in Artificial intelligence (AI) driven health management engine. The platform enables individuals manage various aspects of their health including demographics data, insurance details, appointments, care plans, communicate with care providers and family and many more.

CareOnline’s collaborative platform enables Individuals, Physicians, Agencies & Families to collaborate, communicate and manage care effectively. Its HIPAA complaint two – way messaging functionality enables everyone involved in the care spectrum to coordinate in real time and achieve positive outcomes.


Why CareOnline (COL)?

CareOnline’s Personal Health Portal the most innovative solution with the best user experience in this space.  The user-centric design focuses on providing the best personalized user experience in the cloud.

  •  Agility -access to application anywhere, anytime and on any device
  •  Resiliency – Better data protection and availability
  •  Enhanced user experience  -user centric design and workflows


Technical Capabilities

  •  Personalized Dashboard  –  access to personalized apps from home screen
  •  AI driven  –  artificial intelligence driven content provisioning
  •  Real time Alerts –  allows users to take quick and informed actions
  •  Supports multiple Devices –  desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Functional Capabilities

Personal Profile

Manage personal demographic info including insurance and family details.

Appointment Manager

Keep track of appointments and visits details.

Care Plan Manager

Visibility into care plans, visits and other care related docs.


Enhances internal communication and care coordination via COL Mail


Real time Chat functionality to collaborate patient care with other care providers and staff


Enable users to communicate via SMS from Mobile app using a encrypted secure channel.

Care Connect

Enables to add family members, doctors and agencies to collaborate care.

Platform Capabilities

Built on Cloud

CareOnline is a proven cloud platform for the healthcare industry. Hosted on the most robust and innovative Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud infrastructure, we are responsible for keeping your data safe (security) managing various compliance programs (compliance), provisioning and maintaining the infrastructure (zero hardware) and more while scaling the offerings as technology evolves.


Access to information on any device, anywhere and anytime via secure channel enables users to collaborate with care team members in real time to achieve positive outcomes.


Our highest priority is security. Careonline platform is built on AWS cloud which has the most stringent security framework in the cloud space and is HIPAA compliant. All user data resides in our dedicated hosting environment that is highly secure allowing users to share and manage data via a secure and encrypted channel.


HIPAA rules and compliance requirements are hard to understand and implement. We take the burden to handle the ePHI on our secure cloud infrastructure. CareOnline platform is  HIPAA compliant and runs on dedicated and secure cloud, making every inbound and outbound communication passing through industry standard encryption technology and data access which are traceable and auditable.


Our services are designed with High performance in mind and with in-built architecture for redundancy and reliability. CareOnline uses auto-scaling technology to increase computing power on the fly to accommodate spikes in pay load spikes without sacrificing performance and reliability

High Availability

Highly available platform with 99.95 % Service Uptime with multipoint failover mechanisms to avoid data loss and capability to get back up and running with little interruption to service.



Physician portal

Free portal for Physicians to manage referrals,Orders and CPO

Popular Features

  •  Referral Manager
  •   Order Manager
  •   Point of Care


Agency Portal

Fully Integrated solution for Home healthcare Agencies.

Popular Features

  •  Scheduling
  •   Point of Care
  •  Electronic Visit Verification


CareOnline’s cloud platform for individuals is a fully integrated and encrypted HIPAA compliant solution to help users share and manage their health information from the convenience of a single platform.
Our Personal health platform enables individuals to take control of their health using the below functions;
  • Manage Personal Profile (Demographics, Insurance etc.)
  • Appointments (View visit schedules setup my agencies)
  • Care Coordination (Communicate with care providers via email, chat or SMS)
  • COL Connect (Connect and share medical info with physicians, agencies & family)
  • Store Medical Records
Its easy 3 Step process:
  • Step 1: Click “Create Free Account” button on our website and fill your details in the registration page.
  • Step 2: You will receive an email with a link to complete the setup.
  • Step 3: Click the link to complete the setup. (You will be guided to create a password, select security questions to validate in case you forget your password, or the application senses an access violation and a PIN to use as electronic signature.)
Walla! You are done and you now have access to the platform.
Yes, individual users can communicate with agencies and physicians via the platform once they sign up for the Personal health portal solution (its free for patients and family)
The application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device via a web browser or WiFi.
CareOnline supports;
  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

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