Manage your Patients referrals with visibility into Schedules, Point of care charts, Vitals, Progress notes, Orders, and more.

Manage your Patients referrals with visibility into Schedules, Point of care charts, Vitals, Progress notes, Orders, and more.


CareOnline’s cloud platform for Physician’s is a fully integrated and encrypted HIPAA compliant solution for managing patients in a post-acute care setting.  The platform enables and empowers physicians manage key aspects of their functions with its built-in Artificial intelligence (AI) driven workflow management engine.


Our Physician Portal enables to perform various functions, including Referral and Care plan oversight (CPO) with visibility into schedules, patient charts, vitals, progress notes, Orders, and more across multiple agencies all from a convenience of a single platform.


CareOnline platform enables Physicians to collaborate with Agencies, Patients & Families to provide better care and supervision thereby achieving better patient satisfaction and outcomes.


Why CareOnline (COL)?

CareOnline’s Physician portal is the most innovative solution with the best user experience in this space.  The user-centric design focuses on driving efficiency, compliance and flexibility to the user while offering a variety of business benefits.

  •  Agility – access to application anywhere, anytime and on any device
  •  Increased productivity – access to the right information at the right time
  •  Efficiency – Sequential workflow design helps users to complete and track tasks end to end
  •  Resiliency – Better data protection and availability
  •  Increased user satisfaction – user eccentric design and workflows


Technical Capabilities

  •  Supports multiple devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  •  Role based Access – provide access to the right data
  •  Personalized Dashboard – access to personalized apps from home screen
  •  AI driven role-based workflow – gives visibility into the task and what next
  •  Real time Alerts – allows users to take quick and informed actions

Functional Capabilities

All Packages Include

  •  Free Support
  •  Free Updates

Single View Dashboard

Role based user Dashboard providing real time tasks to be addressed and status of various actions items.

Referral Manager

Manage referrals electronically or Fax

Schedule Manager

Visibility into patient visit schedules.

Point of Care Manager

Visibility into patient charts for better care coordination

Order Manager

Manage orders electronically or via Fax.


Manage access and preferences for physicians and non-physician’s users.


Built in reports for clinicians, billers and administrators


In built Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven help available 24/7/365 to guide users

Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signature capability to sign and approve charts and orders online


Enhances internal communication and care coordination via COL Mail


Enable users to communicate via SMS from Mobile app using a encrypted secure channel.

Fax Manager

Enables agency to manage electronic faxes avoiding paper faxes with ability to sens and receiver to a subscribed Fax number.

Business Intelligence Dashboard*

Dynamic dashboard showing real-time health of the Agency on various events to help management/administrators make strategic and tactical operational decisions.

Platform Capabilities

  •  Focus on Business:   We will manage the IT infrastructure enabling you to focus on what you    do the best.
  •  Competitive edge :   We will make you more agile by driving efficiencies through automation and powering the platform with the latest technology.
  •  Cost Effective :    We manage the application on our cloud infrastructure saving you cost of servers and other hardware equipment’s and IT personnel.
  •  Regular updates :    We will keep the applications up to date and in compliance with regular updates to the offering.

Built on Cloud

CareOnline is a proven cloud platform for the healthcare industry. Hosted on the most robust and innovative AWS Cloud infrastructure, we are responsible for keeping your data safe(security) managing various compliance programs(compliance), provisioning and maintaining the infrastructure (zero hardware), scaling the offering as you grow (scale), all at a fraction of cost than maintaining an on-premises environment.


Access to right data and information at the right time Is the key to success. Careonline’s platform enables users to collaborate with patients and other care team members in real time to achieve positive results for both patient and the agency. The application can be accessed securely and seamlessly on any device from anywhere, anytime.


Our highest priority is security. Careonline platform is built on AWS cloud which has the most stringent security framework in the cloud space and is HIPAA compliant. All customer data resides in our dedicated hosting environment that is highly secure allowing users to share and manage data via a secure and encrypted channel.


HIPAA rules and compliance requirements are hard to understand and implement. We take the burden to handle the ePHI on our secure cloud infrastructure while you focus on what you do the best; providing quality care for better outcomes. Careonline platform is HIPAA compliant and runs on dedicated and secure clod, making every inbound and outbound communication passing through industry standard encryption technology and data access which are traceable and auditable.


Our services are designed with High performance in mind and with in-built architecture for redundancy and reliability. CareOnline uses auto-scaling technology to increase computing power on the fly to accommodate spikes in pay load spikes without sacrificing performance and reliability


Whether its for a single user start-up or for unlimited users for enterprise level, CareOnline platform can scale along with your growth while delivering the same functionality of the platform across all business sizes.

High Availability

Highly available platform with 99.95 % Service Uptime with multipoint failover mechanisms to avoid data loss and capability to get back up and running with little interruption to service.

Agency Portal

Fully Integrated solution for Home healthcare Agencies

Popular Features

  •  Scheduling
  •   Point of Care
  •   Electronic Visit Verification


Personal Health Portal

Free portal for individuals to collaborate with care providers and mange health.

Popular Features

  •   Appointment
  •   Point of Care
  •   COL Connect


CareOnline’s cloud platform for Physician’s is a fully integrated and encrypted HIPAA compliant solution for managing patients across multiple home health care agencies all from a convenience of a single platform.
Our Physician Portal enables to perform various functions, including
  •  Referral
  •  Care plan oversight (CPO
  •  Schedules
  •  Patient charts
  •  Vitals
  •  Progress notes
  •  Orders, and more.
Physician Portal solution from CareOnline is free for Physicians to communicate with agencies who subscribe to CareOnline’s agency solution.
Its easy 3 Step process:
  • Click “Create Free Account” button on our website and fill your details in the registration page.
  • You will receive an email with a link to complete the setup.
  • Click the link to complete the setup. (You will guided to create a password, select security questions to validate in case you forget your password or the application senses a access violation and a PIN to use as electronic signature.)
  Walla! You are done and you now have access to the platform.
Once the connection is established between the Physician and agency via COL Connect all info will be available in real time for care coordination.
Physicians can use the Physician Portal solution to communicate with agencies who do not use CareOnline via electronic fax (eFax)* functionality for managing Referrals and Orders.   *additional charges apply for eFax to communicate with non-COL agencies.
Yes, Physicians can add non-physician users once they are granted access. Office staff may register and request access or physicians can send an invite to the users to connect if they already have a COL account. Non-Physician users are required to accept Shared Data Access Authorization terms.
Primary users or administrators are authorized to manage the users. Physicians need to identify the Primary and Secondary Security Administrators within their organization, while creating their account.
Administrator approve and manage user access, terminations, audit user access.
The application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device via a web browser or WiFi.
CareOnline supports;
  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

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